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Tile yields are a type of resource which are essential to gameplay in Pax Nova. Each hex cell within the game's playable area displays values indicating the potential Food, Production and Research of the District which occupies that cell. Placing particular districts next to certain types of terrain adds a bonus to the food, production or research value for that hex cell.

List of Resources[]

Resource Description Source(s)
Essential for the survival of citizens. Produced in Farming Districts
Fighting creatures or other Factions
Placing a farming district next to a mountain adds a bonus to the district's food score.
Is a measure of how efficient the workforce is within a population. It determines how fast new Districts, units and Projects are completed. Produced in Production Districts
Placing a production district next to a mountain adds a bonus to the district's production score.
Determines how fast and efficient a city pursues scientific investigations. Research Districts improve research production in the cell where they are placed.
Placing a research district next to the sea adds a bonus to the district's research score.