The Terran Republic is a conglomerate of what remains of what was once known as the western civilization.

Countless wars and constant civil unrest caused huge rifts and nearly caused it to scatter, with Earth's slow demise looking like it would be the final nail in the coffin. Despite being a shadow of what it once was, the Republic survived and it is still a force to be reckoned with.

Now led by the charismatic Chancellor Wynn and with the chance to start over, the future is finally looking up.

List of CitiesEdit

Order City Name Notes
1 (Capital) Wright
2 Orwell Famous science fiction author
3 Richmondville
4 Ripley Main character of the original Alien movies
5 Leiston
6 Dorking
7 Burgh
8 Stratford
9 Stroud
10 Crowland
11 Castor
12 Aust
13 Calne
14 Burton
15 Caister
16 Ravenglass
17 Walden
18 Patrington
19 Merton
20 Woodbridge
21 Hatfield
22 Wenlock
23 Spalding
24 Wrotham
25 Newbury
26 Rye
27 Liskeard
28 Chirk
29 Culray
30 Dysert
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