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Resources are essential to gameplay in Pax Nova. They can be harvested from the surface of Planets, awarded through the completion of Quests, collected by trading with other factions or other means. Resources are used to boost production, gain additional abilities, or as a currency.

List of Resources[]

Resource Description Source(s)
Aether is an abstract matter that provides life and balance of all things. It can be manipulated and used for various purposes, from powering unique technologies to building otherwise impossible buildings. Having an Aether Source within your city's borders
Fighting creatures or other Factions
Credits fund the maintenance and expansion of a colony and pay for the acquisition of Units. They can also be used to trade with other factions. Naturally earned each turn, with more credits earned as the city grows.
Additional credits can be earned by building a Financial District, or through trade.
Influence is used to perform various diplomatic actions with other factions or to pass Edicts for your colony. Completing Quests.