There are three different races of sentient beings within the galaxy of Eos: Human, Corvus, and Drosk. When beginning a new game of Pax Nova, players select which of the three races they want to play as. Each has a variety of unique Racial Techs, which add bonuses to certain aspects of gameplay.

Playable RacesEdit



Humans tend to be brave, balanced and relatively intelligent individuals.

The remnants of the Human race are split between six different factions: the Terran Republic, Templar Order, Ashanti Union, Third Eye Society, Lotus Brotherhood, Eastern Resistance and Ra Dynasty.



The Corvus are a highly intelligent species, renowned for their closed nature but despite this, they are very capable warriors.

The Corvus fall within four different factions: the Aion Cult, Dynasty of Suns, Koy-Ve Syndicate, and Inbac Collective.



The Drosk tend to live very long lives, with most being afflicted by a fungus that feeds them, while extending their lifespan.

The Drosk fall within four different factions: the Arbin Domain, Kingdom of Alnon, Hyrokkin Federation, and Muuhi Industries.


Each race has an inherent mis-trust of other races, which applies a Trust penalty of -4 when interacting with others.

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