Pax Nova Wiki

Planets are plentiful throughout the galaxy of Eos, and are where a large portion of game-play takes place in Pax Nova.


"Planets are much more than just a collection of stats. Your civilization will soon want to know what’s outside your atmosphere and will look forward to discovering, colonizing or even invading new worlds. Each planet is procedurally generated with different biomes and various challenges, and is filled with numerous secrets, creatures, characters, factions and much more".[1]


Every new game of Pax Nova begins with the player's transport ark landing on the surface of a planet. The surface of each planet is unique, and is represented in a hex map game board design. Each hexagonal cell contains it's own randomized attributes, which determine the best type of structure to build within that cell.

Players gradually expand the reach of their civilization across the planet's surface, eventually encountering other Factions who also occupy the planet. This often leads to combat. A planet's unique terrain can be used to the player's advantage as they engage with hostile forces.