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Each race in the galaxy of Eos has several factions, who do not necessarily share the same values as their fellow species. Each faction has a set of unique traits (3 beneficial and 1 detrimental) which influence gameplay.


The remnants of the Human race are split between seven different factions:

Faction Description Beneficial Traits Detrimental Traits
Terran Republic
The Terran Republic is a conglomerate of what remains of what was once known as the western civilization. Countless wars and constant civil unrest caused huge rifts and nearly caused it to scatter, with Earth's slow demise looking like it would be the final nail in the coffin. Despite being a shadow of what it once was, the Republic survived and it is still a force to be reckoned with. Now led by the charismatic Chancellor Wynn and with the chance to start over, the future is finally looking up. Efficient
Seasoned Politicians
City Defenders
Demanding Citizens
Templar Order
The Templar Order was founded by Inquisitor Marceau a century before The Grand Voyage. Deep believers in The Rift and staunch opponents of secular rule, they blame Earth's downfall on godless and misguided governments and populations. Over the years, the order grew and Inquisitor Veillon II now commands a very strong army of deeply committed believers, ready to fight anyone who dares oppose The Rift. Zealots
Iron Masters
Ashanti Union
Born from the ashes of the ancient Ashanti Kingdom and led by Queen Naobi, they managed to survive Africa's now mostly-deserted lands and even thrive. Despite centuries of worldwide crisis and tension, what remained of the neighbouring nations united under one banner of the Ashanti and built a very solid economy based on Africa's rich resources and kept a closed-down, but nearly utopic approach to society. Entrepreneurs
Great City Architects
Third Eye Society
This faction is an offshoot of what was originally a secret society created in the 18th century, with the goal of opposing religion and the abuses of state power. As Earth decayed over the centuries, the goal of the Third Eye Society gradually switched to instead becoming a state power themselves, behind the scenes, using deception, cunning and trickery. Cunning
Seasoned Politicians
Iron Masters
Incompetent Builders
Lotus Brotherhood
Originally hailing from the Tibetan Plateau, the Lotus Brotherhood grew exponentially from a few monks in a temple, to a full blown proto-state with their own laws and government. Known for their isolationist nature, mysterious customs and ancestral beliefs, the brotherhood is the reflection of its leader Rinzai Son-Wi and his teachings. Zen
Ineffective Logistics
Eastern Resistance
The Eastern Resistance started out as a group of outlaws disguised as a rebel group fighting for the independence of Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus region. Over several decades however, it grew as the Terran Republic started crumbling and more regions seceded to join the Resistance. It reached its peak in its last decade under the leadership of Commander Malkarian. Hardened Infantry
City Defenders
Ra Dynasty
The Ra Dynasty dates all the way to Ancient Egypt and was revived after decades of unrest in Egypt and the surrounding region. Ramses XII, a direct descendant of Ramses XI and one of the greatest scientists of his time, managed to mobilise an army and gather a huge following. After a decade old war, he took over and built a technochratic state that stretched all the way from his home country of Syria, mirroring his predecessor's ancient empire and crowning himself Pharaoh. Developed
City Architects


The Corvus fall within four different factions:

Faction Description Beneficial Traits Detrimental Traits
Aion Cult
The Aion Cult is a deeply religious and benevolent theocratic proto-state hailing from Delta Corvi IV, being the first group to leave the planet. They tend to have a very closed down nature and avoid conflict whenever possible. However, they can also be very capable fighters if necessary, being one of the last standing Corvus factions. Spiritualists
Clumsy Politicians
Dynasty of Suns
One of the oldest and reputed factions in Delta Corvi IV and for many centuries the undisputed leaders of their homeworld, they are now a shadow of what they once were. Not only that, their hopes and dreams rest on the shoulders of young King Duosi, whose temperament and impulsiveness has led to some of his oldest advisers doubting him. He is however, determined to prove them wrong and get the Dynasty back to what it once was, and going to Eos is the first step towards that goal. Populous
Effective Builders
Koy-Ve Syndicate
The Koy-Ve Syndicate owned most of the corporations in Delti Corvi IV, even owning their own private military company. However with the rapid degradation of the planet, they started losing most of their income and their workforce and ended up investing most of their remaining treasure in the Ark to move to Eos. Despite this, CEO Vosi still retains the same relentless drive and ruthlessness that allowed him to build an empire. Magnates
Inbac Collective
The Inbac Collective started out as a nomad ragtag group of thieves and misfits, who were forced to live in the barren areas of Delta Corvi IV. They grew more powerful as the planet grew more and more inhospitable, thanks to centuries of mastering the art of survival. Despite being afflicted with a rare disease that caused him to become blind when he was very young, Chieftain Iezon has lead the Collective to new heights. His charisma and ability to think clearly, even in the most desperate of situations, more than makes up for his lack of sight and fragile health. Survivalists
Space Masters
Lousy Fighters


The Drosk fall within four different factions:

Faction Description Beneficial Traits Detrimental Traits
Arbin Domain
The Arbin lineage used to rule Dros II unopposed for millennia, however that changed when C'Vothua decided to oppose his sister, Empress C'Thoa, and lead a rebellion that resulted in a bloody civil war. The war lasted almost a century and nearly wiped out the entire planet. Nonetheless, Empress C'Thoa kept her place at the helm of the now-weakened Arbin Domain. She's still considered a demi-goddess by her subjects and feared by nearly everyone. Ethereal Settlers
Otherworldly Warriors
Kingdom of Alnon
The Kingdom of Alnon was formed after the then prince C'Vothua decided to start a rebellion against his sister, Empress C'Thoa. While the initial goal was to take over the Arbin Domain, the result was a civil war that lasted for almost a century and the formation of the kingdom of Alnon. Renowned for his love of art, as well as for being extremely calm but also extremely cunning, C'Vothua managed to break the Arbin Domain's hold on Dros II and establish himself as a great leader in his own right, albeit at a massive cost. Liberator
Terrible Farmers
Hyrokkin Federation
The Hyrokkin started as a popular collective of slaves and gladiators in the Arbin domain. Once the civil war broke out in Dros II, they managed to break away from their captors and grow into what is now known as the Hyrokkin Federation. Founded by Cheif Emik, a centuries old former champion in the Arbin Domain's arenas, they made the most of the terrible situation plaguing their homeplanet to grow and make sure they will never be enslaved again. Iron Masters
Hardened Infantry
Muuhi Industries
The Muuhi Industries were once the engine of the Arbin Domain's economy and development, but distanced themselves from them once it became clear the civil war in Dros II could go either way. They started operating with other factions in the conflict. This led to the mega corporation's CEO Dracta being apparently killed in an explosion set up by Arbin Domain assassins, only to be revived and having most of his body reconstructed a few years later in his facilities. There are still rumors he wasn't actually revived, and the Muuhi Industries are now led by a clone, but what is clear is that they are a force to be reckoned with. Industry Geniuses
Clumsy Politicians